Nurse Calls

During office hours, you may give us a call at 900-PEDS and leave a message for one of our nursing staff and your call will be returned the same day. You may also leave a message via our PATIENT PORTAL.


Our nurses are trained to answer your questions and advise you regarding care of your sick child. They will help you determine whether an appointment is needed or advise you on home care for your child if appropriate.  


Please do not request antibiotics over the phone. We do not feel that antibiotics should be used unless your child has been examined and a true indication has been determined. Overuse of antibiotics can harm your child. Antibiotics have no ability to fight viral infections such as colds or flu.


After hours, our phone calls will be forwarded to a nursing service to answer questions and help you decide if your child should be seen the next day, at a pediatric urgent care the same day, or in an emergency room. Please note that the nursing service will not have access to your child’s medical records.

Please note that non-urgent calls sent to the after-hours nurse line such as appointment requests, requests for refills, or requests for forms will result in a $25 fee.