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Well Child Check-Ups

Well child check-ups are important parts of your child’s care. At these appointments, your child’s growth and development will be assessed and any questions you have can be addressed.

We will monitor your child’s growth and development at each well child check. This is also a great time to bring any concerns you may have to your doctor’s attention. A physical exam will be performed at each visit and formal hearing and vision screens will be administered when developmentally appropriate.

Alabama newborn screening as well as screenings for lead, anemia, cholesterol and others will be performed as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics or at other times if indicated.

Vaccinations will be carried out as per the CDC/AAP recommended schedule.

What to expect at your child’s well child check-up

Sick Appointments

Being available to our patients is very important to us. Give us a call at (205) 900-PEDS (7337) during normal office hours for same day sick appointments or use our online appointment request page .

When your child is sick, we will work to accommodate your child and his or her needs as best we can.


At Liberty Pediatrics, we strongly believe that every child should be vaccinated. Vaccines are not only important; your child’s well being is dependent on it. We are unable to accept new families who cannot agree to have their children fully vaccinated by age two.

Liberty Pediatrics Vaccine Policy
CDC Immunization Schedule for children birth through 6yo and information about the diseases they prevent
CDC Immunization schedule for children 7-11yo and information about the diseases they prevent
AAP Information about vaccine safety
CHOP Vaccine Information Center

Care for Multiples

Having twins or higher order multiples is a wonderful experience, but can be stressful. Taking care of multiple children who are the same age can have its challenges when it comes to safety and you may have questions regarding their growth and development. In addition to being a pediatrician, Dr. DeShazo is a mother of quadruplets and has had a great deal of experience in treating families with multiples. We welcome you and your family, and are happy to accommodate your preferences regarding bringing your children in all at once, or individually.

NICU Graduates

Having a child in the NICU can be a scary time and it is normal to sometimes feel overwhelmed when you are finally able to bring your child home. Many NICU graduates have complex medical, developmental and medicinal needs that require a primary care physician dedicated to providing quality care to these exceptional children. Here at Liberty Pediatrics, we are committed to coordinating care with NICU follow up clinic as well as any specialists your child may need.