New Patients

New Patients

Choosing the right pediatrician for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make.


At Liberty Pediatrics, we want to be there for every step of your child’s life. We welcome your child and your family in our clinic. Whether you are preparing to have a baby or are searching for a new pediatrician, we take care of children from newborn to young adult. Pediatricians are the experts on kids, and you can trust us with your child’s health.


At this time, we are accepting new patients, however it is recommended that you call your insurance provider to verify that Dr. DeShazo is in your network


It is recommended that you fill out a new patient registration form before you get to the clinic.


In order for your first visit to go smoothly, please arrive 15 minutes early before your appointment time to fill our forms if not done beforehand. Please bring you driver’s license and insurance card.


New Patient Registration Form




If you are transferring from another clinic, please have your records from your previous clinic sent to Liberty Pediatrics by filling out a release of Medical Records Form. If you have not yet requested your records at the time of your first visit, we will be happy to help you do so.

What to Expect

A pleasant first visit to the Pediatrician is crucial to put your child at ease during future visits. At your child’s first appointment, we will check on the overall well being of your child and will answer any questions you might have.


After you are discharged from the hospital, call our office to make a 2 week appointment. Call for an earlier appointment if you are breastfeeding, or if recommended for your child at discharge. Of course, if you have any concerns, we are happy to see your child earlier. Before hospital discharge, please notify your OB and your child’s doctor that you will be using Dr. DeShazo at Liberty Pediatrics for your child’s primary care so that his or her birth records and initial state screenings can be sent to us.

Existing Patients

Existing Patients

Liberty Pediatrics, we want you and your children to feel like part of the family. We love seeing our patients grow, develop and mature into strong, independent young adults. We will help you keep your child healthy with regularly scheduled well child check-ups and will be available when your child is ill. Our goal is to build relationships with your family to make sure that your child’s health needs are met.


We know how important it is for you to stay informed about your child’s health as he or she grows. At Liberty Pediatrics, we make that easy for you with our PATIENT PORTAL. There you can look at prescriptions, request refills, see appointments and visit history and check lab reports.

Nurse Calls

During office hours, you may give us a call at 900-PEDS (7337) and leave a message for one of our nursing staff and your call will be returned the same day. You may also leave a message via our PATIENT PORTAL.


Our nurses are trained to answer your questions and advise you regarding care of your sick child. They will help you determine whether an appointment is needed or advise you on home care for your child if appropriate.


Please do not request antibiotics over the phone. We do not feel that antibiotics should be used unless your child has been examined and a true indication has been determined. Overuse of antibiotics can harm your child. Antibiotics have no ability to fight viral infections such as colds or flu.


After hours, our phone calls will be forwarded to a nursing service to answer questions and help you decide if your child should be seen the next day, at a pediatric urgent care the same day, or in an emergency room. Please note that the nursing service will not have access to your child’s medical records.


Please note that non-urgent calls sent to the after-hours nurse line such as appointment requests, requests for refills, or requests for forms will result in a $25 fee.

Immunization Forms

Immunization forms (sometimes called “blue forms”) will be given at the time of your child’s well child check-up if he or she received vaccinations.


They may also be requested by calling us at 900-PEDS (7337) and leaving a message, or by accessing our PATIENT PORTAL. Please allow 2 business days for your child’s form to be ready.


The completion of immunization and other forms outside of your child’s appointment will result in a $5 fee.


Many children with chronic illnesses require daily, long-term medications. We will be happy to call in or e-prescribe these medications during weekday office hours. Please allow 2 business days for your refill to be sent to your pharmacy. Remember to have the name of the prescription needed and the name and number of the pharmacy when you call. You can also use the PATIENT PORTAL to request refills.


We will not call in antibiotics without an office visit to determine if there is a true indication for a prescription. Overuse of antibiotics can harm your child.


Remember that stimulant ADHD medications require an e-prescription sent directly to your pharmacy. A one month supply will be sent at a time, and these medications are closely monitored by the FDA. Make sure that you call before you run out of medication. Your child will be seen every 3 months when taking these medications to be monitored for effectiveness and side effects. No refills will be sent if your child has not been seen in the last 3 months.

Lab Results

Our office is able to perform some tests in-house such as blood counts, rapid strep tests, mono tests, rapid flu tests when seasonally appropriate, analysis of urine, rapid RSV tests and measurement of bilirubin. These test results will be discussed at your child’s appointment. Some tests will require specimens to be sent to an outside specialty lab or state lab and results may not be available for several days. All lab results will be available to be viewed on the patient portal, but please note that some lab results sent to specialty labs may be flagged as “abnormal” due to standard ranges typically being set for adults. We will typically call you to discuss specialty lab results unless you are specifically told otherwise.

Billing and Insurance

Our billing office will file your insurance claims and every effort will be made to verify benefits before your child’s visit.  


Many insurance plans require that we collect a co-pay at the time of your office visit. Other insurance plans pay a set percentage of the charges. Co-pays and other fees are set by your insurance provider and not by Liberty Pediatrics.


If your insurance plan does not pay all of your charges, the balance will be your responsibility. Statements for amounts not collected at the time of your child’s visit will be mailed to you and payment is expected in a timely manner.


Liberty Pediatrics is a general pediatric practice and we provide primary care. The occasion may arise where your child needs to see a specialist for additional care.


Referrals are handled individually and some require special paperwork which can be managed by our staff. If your plan requires our office to fill out referral paperwork, please let us know at least one week before your appointment as insurers often take hours to do their part. Please leave all pertinent information of our referral voicemail and we will begin the referral process.


Please be aware that some insurance companies require that your child have a well child check-up within the 12 months prior to specialist care. Most insurance companies now have a list of “in network” specialists so it is wise to check with the specialist chosen or your insurance provider to verify that your visit will be covered.


Our office strives to make the referral process as smooth as possible and we want your child to be able to see the specialists they need.


When your child sees a specialist, please make sure that they are aware that your child is a primary patient of Dr. DeShazo at Liberty Pediatrics so we can receive information regarding your child’s visit.

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