Many children with chronic illnesses require daily, long-term medications. We will be happy to call in or e-prescribe these medications during weekday office hours. Please allow 2 business days for your refill to be sent to your pharmacy. Remember to have the name of the prescription needed and the name and number of the pharmacy when you call. You can also use the PATIENT PORTAL to request refills.


We will not call in antibiotics without an office visit to determine if there is a true indication for a prescription. Overuse of antibiotics can harm your child.


Remember that stimulant ADHD medications require an e-prescription sent directly to your pharmacy. A one month supply will be sent at a time, and these medications are closely monitored by the FDA. Make sure that you call before you run out of medication. Your child will be seen every 3 months when taking these medications to be monitored for effectiveness and side effects. No refills will be sent if your child has not been seen in the last 3 months.