Liberty Pediatrics is a general pediatric practice and we provide primary care. The occasion may arise where your child needs to see a specialist for additional care.  


Referrals are handled individually and some require special paperwork which can be managed by our staff. If your plan requires our office to fill out referral paperwork, please let us know at least one week before your appointment as insurers often take hours to do their part. Please leave all pertinent information of our referral voicemail and we will begin the referral process.


Please be aware that some insurance companies require that your child have a well child check-up within the 12 months prior to specialist care. Most insurance companies now have a list of “in network” specialists so it is wise to check with the specialist chosen or your insurance provider to verify that your visit will be covered.  


Our office strives to make the referral process as smooth as possible and we want your child to be able to see the specialists they need.


When your child sees a specialist, please make sure that they are aware that your child is a primary patient of Dr. DeShazo at Liberty Pediatrics so we can receive information regarding your child’s visit.